Conceria Zonta SpA

Since 1954 from generation to generation, Zonta has handed down the artisan tradition of leather processing.
A working of capable person group with skilled hands creates products of excellence that the whole world recognizes us.

Handcrafted products that resist the passage of time, fashions, frenetic technological progress.
All this is the Zonta tannery:

Quality, Uniqueness, Luxury.


High Quality Tannery Craftmenship

Conceria Zonta has been operating on international leather market since 1954. In nearly 60 years, our company has become a guarantee of very high quality and update fashion articles.
In 2019, the tannery became the property of the Fietta family of Bassano del Grappa that is well honored to carry on the prestige of the company and to consolidate the peculiarities that have made it a leader in the sector, with renewed solidity and a spirit of enthusiasm.
We have developed a manufacturing process which matches artisanal leather care with the use of the modern technologies.
About 70 people, along with our technical department member of staff assure a constant and attentive control of any single step: the whole working process, from row hides to he final product, is developed inside our structure without reling on external companies. In order to assure quality of our items, we select the best provenience of the row hides (i.e France and Poland). Furthermore all row hides are inspected by the suppliers one by one. Our company produces a wide range of articles: Baby Calf, Box Calf, Suede Baby Calf; all our items are chrome tanned and aniline finishing.


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Conceria Zonta SpA
Via Ca’ Morosini, 30
36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI) – Italy
Tel. +39 0424 501725